The Riviera del Corallo, the area we are in it,  it’s a wonderful destination not only for sunbath and relax in your holiday time, but also a perfect place for practice a sport, an activity, a place to live in all of its aspects.

There are many places to visit nearby our property. The most famous one, with a distance of 8 km, is the promontory of Capo Caccia (enterly visible from our plot of land ),and its Grotte di Nettuno. Some of the most beautiful beaches of the North Sardinia are located close to us: Porticciolo (2 km away), Mugoni (3 km), Lazzaretto and Bombarde (7 km).

To enjoy a stay here, having a car isn’t necessary. You can rent a bike and visit the area by yourself, and discover the pristine nature that is spread around, especially in the Parco Regionale di Porto Conte (2 km from our agriturismo), a natural park that hosts native wild animals that you can encounter, like deers, wildpigs, donkeys, birds, and so on.  Birdwatching here is a must do.

Starting at the Mugoni beach, you can also visit the myriads of small rocky and sandy beaches that are located all along the banks of Porto Conte bay and Capo Caccia promontory: with a canoe, or a small boat, you can stop there for a dive, or just to admire the crystal colour of the water.

Only 5 kilometres from us you’ll find the Lago di Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia, surrounded by trees, and  with its own flora and fauna. Nearby the lake there is Porto Ferro, one of the largest and longest beach of the Alghero area. Porto Ferro is perfect for surfers, for the reason that is often windy due to its position and size. Porto Ferro is also the only official beach here where you can practice naturalism.

Our surroundings could be a paradise for trekkers and hikers: with lots of trails, paths, paved and unpaved roads, there are many ways to visit the countryside by walk, and get to the many beautiful sites around.

Heading up north, you can also visit two of the most famous places in this part of our island: Argentiera, and old mining village now completely renewed; and the beach of La Pelosa, with its white sand and the spectacular tower placed just in the middle of the water.